Lunar Pipe Dragon Conjures

Lunar Pipe Dragon Conjures


They are living entities which have formed a very close bond with the Lumi Lotus flowers which only seem to grow within the astral Loch. They are inquisitive creatures which are long, furry and wingless dragons. Their fur color can be black, grey, white or even blue tinted, and often have a glow about them as if the moon itself set them alight. They got their name from their resemblance to pipe foxes. They are very Nocturnal, and appear to do thrive on the energy within dreams, for that is when one's spirit is most vulnerable and open. They have a soothing, playful air about them that brings to mind a child-like innocence. They are normally covered in white, grey or black fur with dark or glowing eyes, fox like snouts, large perky ears and a blue aura that trails about them, matching the flower they have chosen to bond with. They communicate mostly through emotions, telepathy and visions, though I have seen particularly strong physical manifestations. These dragons, which normally max out at 2-3 feet long, are becoming more and more common in astral, indicating that they are or have been breeding within the realm. Lumi Lotus Blooms are at least 10 inches in diameter, with thick, firm, rounded petals which gently fan out from the center. They are luminescent, exuding a soft, vibrant blue aura. Their root systems (visible in water) are constant circular loops, like mandalas, which pulsate light through them and keep them afloat. They produce buds which are dark, with a pulsing blue center. As they open, they glow more vibrantly, and each petal will visibly unfurl before the observer.

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