Lunairen Salamander Custom Conjures

Lunairen Salamander Custom Conjures


Lunairen Salamanders are more difficult to spot simply due to their rarity. It is an exciting occasion when one comes forward to seek a companion as they are usually very solitary. What makes these salamanders unique is that they are not actually on fire! Out of water, colorations are dull, but in water they can pulse light through feather-like gills/feelers which protrude from under their chin, belly and tail. This gives the appearance of brilliant flame. They can channel magick with ease, but often use it to defend themselves or their clutch when mating. They are also strikingly intelligent, and make excellent advisors in magickal learning.

These large salamanders adopt the energy of the environment or realm in which they were born in. In this case, they take on the energy of my personal astral realm, which is constantly bathed in full moon light. They are gentle creatures with powerful personalities, and are capable of bringing powerful manifestations to their companion’s craft. To allow a person to touch their “flames” is a sign of deep trust, and often results in something akin to wish magick in that their energy is shared to help you manifest your desires. However, to touch them without consent may also result in a very ill tempered companion, and misfortune could end up heading your way as a result (though only if they are intentionally touched without permission as the gesture feels violating to them). For the most part, though, they don’t lash out unless it is necessary, and a little patience goes a long way for this species.

Males are normally have additional flame gills on the head (which are typically blue, green or purple) and grow to be the size of an American Bulldog, while females are bigger and are normally pink, red, orange or yellow flamed, though they lack the head crest.

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