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Our Passion

Here at the Shattered Prism, our love for meta working comes from spirit keepers and spirits alike! It is our ongoing mission to not only actively contribute to the growth and progression of the meta community and each practitioner’s individual craft, but create lasting bonds and relationships between humans and spirits all across the cosmos. Possibilities are as numerous as there are stars in the sky, and our own paths as equally unique as each galaxy and nebula. There is no limit to what we are able to learn and accomplish, especially when we reach out and band together in an effort to learn, grow and foster meaningful friendship with like-minded beings. They say that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life, and we care to agree. This isn’t our job. It’s our passion.


Our Craft

As conjurors, we are dedicated to comfortable, ethical, potent and high-quality bindings between spirits and spirit keepers in order to enhance their connection to each other and make communication easier to accomplish. However, this isn’t the extent of our practice! From Energy Generators bound to vessels for spell charging and ritual offerings, to powerfully constructed and intricately designed servitors to help you along your path, we are here to provide for you! Our shop is a completely honest and open one, welcoming all walks of faith as well as every lifestyle. Not only are we indiscriminate, but we encourage individuality! Explore the realm of possibility with us, and allow us to help you along in your craft.


From a wide variety of exclusive conjures and thrilling reverse adoptions, to fascinating preconjured beings and compelling SNA spirit listings. There is something for every Keeper at the Shattered Prism!


Jynx Kinna specializes in Servitor Creation. From Prismatic Eggs to Armored Servitors, she can artfully weave energy in order to craft beautifully sentient and self sustaining creations that grow with your craft and life experiences just as a spirit would.


Kaida Lestrange is especially gifted in energy manipulation. Her unique form of the craft has allowed her to produce potent energy generators and realm portals. Paired with her sleek and unique art style, she takes great pride in her sigils and enchanted body art designs as well!


There is so much to discover here in the shop. Unique conjuring styles, interactive events and a warm and welcoming community make the Shattered Prism stand out from other meta sellers. So what are you waiting for? Check us out and explore what we can offer you.



The Shattered Prism is a product of the combined forces of two former meta shops: The Shattered Moon (owned by Kaida Lestrange) and Jynx's Prismatic Conjures and Creations (owned by Jynx Kinna). Under a new name, we each continue to offer our services, including conjures, spellcraft, custom creations and much more! With this new partnership, our combined efforts will enable us to not only improve order completion and customer service, but also to help each other grow and improve in our craft as we continue to offer our services professionally. While we still offer individual services, we find that our energies resonate on the same level, and with many of the same realms. Because of this we have found that our conjuring and creation styles can be combined in an effort to work in tandem on group projects and joint conjures. With each other's help we hope to ultimately expand and continuously improve our shop while, as always, finding unique and adventurous spirits who desire to find the best possible match for companionship



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Taylor - 5/27/2019

I don't have much experience with Jynx besides her readings which I must say are always on point for me and they really are just fantastic even when blunt. I personally am excited to someday experience more of Jynx's services. Now Kaida I have quite a bit of experience with both as a friend and customer. She is simply just amazing and is great at working with people no matter the situation. I've never had a issue with her bindings or my companions from her which are all very active and amazing. you won't regret working with her. All in all they both are a 10/10 in my book.

Alex - 5/27/2019

I've had a number of readings from Jynx over the years, including the dragonfae oracle and the flight rising readings. First, a warning: I've never had a reading from Jynx that didn't turn into a roast. Her dragonfae oracle deck is usually brutally honest, but her descriptions and interpretations of the cards are so much more in depth than the average reading that it really helps you understand why Hideki’s Door is calling out your procrastinating butt. The effort she puts into these readings is outstanding. I've been to my fair share of psychic expos and had a dozen tarot readings both online and in person, and Jynx's dragonfae readings remain one of the most reliable readings I've ever had.

Dragonfae Oracle:

On a separate note, Jynx offers the extremely unique flight rising readings. I find these absolutely gorgeous, it's such a wonderful thing to have a visual representation of the question you'd asked. It almost evokes an affinity for them. However, I personally find that the flight rising readings are very, very subjective. With so many symbols within each reading, something that I interpret when seeing my reading as a beautiful but necessary fault in the design could just easily be described as something disgustingly burden-ous. For that reason I wouldn't recommend it quite as highly as I do the dragonfae oracle, but still an amazing experience and reading if you have to opportunity to grab one!

Flight Rising Reading:

Now the fun one, I was fortunate enough to get an astral realm reading from Jynx and I have to say it is one of the most incredible readings I have ever received. It simultaneously helped me understand things that I had been struggling with metaphysically for years while settling a lot of my doubts. I cannot recommend this enough. While the description was sometimes a little clunky, the images and visions Jynx described were just incredible. Possibly the best part about this reading is it doesn't focus on astral form, so if you're a bit insecure about astral this reading is a great way to get some hints or helpful tips of where to explore next without having to worry about someone telling you the exact opposite of what you thought you'd already figured out! A snippet of what's in store if you choose to go with this reading which I highly recommend.

"You dance along the cosmos , your flow not ebbing or waning as it circles earth and then back out among the stars.”

Cronus - 5/27/2019

I just want to start by saying that Kaida and Jynx are lovely, wonderful people. Kaida was actually the one I got my first companion from and I have a few others that are just as special and amazing. They are all loving and vibrant individuals. She has even helped me through some problems and insecurity that didn't pertain to what I got from her. I haven't bought anything from Jynx, but I have had two of her readings. Both times my companions have crashed the readings and she was very kind about them (even when nine came rushing at her.) They both have amazing energy and the shop is gonna flourish, I can feel it.

All in all they both are a 10/10 in my book.
— Taylor, Client of the Shattered Prism
The effort she puts into these readings is outstanding. I’ve been to my fair share of psychic expos and had a dozen tarot readings both online and in person, and Jynx’s dragonfae readings remain one of the most reliable readings I’ve ever had.
— Alex, Client of the Shattered Prism
They both have amazing energy and the shop is gonna flourish, I can feel it.
— Cronus, Client of the Shattered Prism