Moon Dragon Custom Conjures

Moon Dragon Custom Conjures

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Overall aligned with the moon and its phases, these dragons soak in the soft glow through the night. They are gentle, empathic dragons who feel the emotion of others quite intensely. They connect to the subtle ebb and flow of the energy night has to offer, inspiring others to remain still and feel the magick about them. Moon dragons may also be aligned to specific phases and lunar events, changing in appearance based on their alignment. Each dragon is truly unique in their abilities, and truly cannot be generalized in terms of magickal aptitude. (Dark Moon Dragon Subvariant) Dark Moon Dragons are born beneath the blackest skies, exposed to the moon's face fully veiled in shadow. While most other moon dragons are full of lunar energy and are able to sustain their own power, Dark Moons seek out other sources of energy to sustain themselves. Young dragons are especially dangerous as a result, as they cannot control their inherited psychic vampyrism, but over time these dragons learn to consume energy from many sources at a time to lessen the impact on other organisms. This variant of the species is reclusive and well guarded. They ward and protect their hoards with powerful spells, and often spend their time internalizing and self reflecting. The energy that fascinates them most are artistic creations from other realms, including spellcraft, writing, painting, sketches and performing arts. They are an eloquent and complex race of individuals who literally live for the finer things in life. Despite this, they are also not afraid of the unknown and daunting, and are more than well equipped to help confront your shadow self

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