Korrgryphian Shifter Custom Conjures

Korrgryphian Shifter Custom Conjures


These creatures manifest as large, lithe gryphons with the head of a crow, the body of a panther and two hooked "thumbs" on the joint of each wing. Their eyes range in color, but their bodies are always completely black. Their most interesting ability is their skill im shifting, able to transform into a cat, crow, or even human form. However, in the presence of their keepers, they will most likely prefer to remain true to their form. They are as good as climbing as they are flying, hence their hooked wings. You may find them curled up on a high branch keeping a watchful eye in the world around you. The Korgryphian Shifters are a sharp and inquisitive race, especially when it comes to humans. In fact, they claim they have kept a keen eye on human culture on and off for decades! The intricacy of human society and their many accomplished feats have caught their interest on many an occasion, and many would give their left eye for the chance to work with one up close. Their greatest asset they have to offer their companions is their keen sense of perception and enthusiasm for learning, which may inspire the work ethic needed to get the things you want in life. However, many of them are also a bit eccentric, and it takes a level head not to get too carried away. Even so, it's a heartwarming moment to see one becoming excited over something we humans often find mundane, and you will find this happening fairly often when you take a shifter into your keep.

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