HellFire DreadNaught Stallion Custom Conjures

HellFire DreadNaught Stallion Custom Conjures

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They were bred as war mounts, and it shows .They are large clydesdale stallions,the average size is 17 hands at the shoulder, larger is 20-25, largest is rumored to be 30-32 hands. They are huge to say the least with long sharp large canines that poke out from their mouths.Their normal colors vary from burnt reds and oranges to pitch black with subtle hints of burgundy near their backs and spines, at least the males. Most females, if you are lucky to see them, seem to be ghostly ashy whites and greys. These herds can range anywhere in number from the 500s to 1000s, Joko’s herd is small, around 300, but seems to be growing slowly .

They have long silky manes/tails that produce a special oil that can catch fire. They use this oil, and a special triggering enzyme to erupt their manes and tails into flame for fights/war dances/ mating ceremonies. They have ox like tails, but they move and sway more like lions, these too can catch fire. They are ravenous meat eaters,but know the difference between pet and prey. They have proudly horned adorned heads, and they curl back near the ear and towards the tush in a ~ shape.They have scales on their back down their spine, that can be raised and lowered like spikes, and are quite painful if accidently sat on.

They are meat eaters and the way they kill prey is very unique,they have pointed tongues,with a barbed tip to kill their prey, and are often grab at throat and aim for the jugular. It is not a easy way to hunt, as they want the death of their prey to be as swift as possible and they will sometimes sing or coo at their prey, helping ease them into death.

Their culture is a odd one, jewelry and the placement of seems to denote status. In fact only a few of the entire herd seem to have some sort of jewelry, and I have yet to decipher what most of them means. Legion kings all seem to have a specific kind of wear though, a large dog like collar (like the ones they would use to protect the neck in fights or hunting) silver with black triangle pattern with gems, very thick band that gets shorter as it goes farther back, wide in the middle with large star cut gem with smaller gems going up the sides. And a larger still dangling pendant that matches their eyes and flame.It’s about as big as a woman’s fist.

It was once thought you could not put a saddle/reins on a Hellfire, as the saddle would instantly combust and you would face the wraith of a very angry demonic horse. The Legion that I work with has since mellowed, and realize it is not a symbol of ownership as they once thought, it is more so for their companions comfort when riding , as their spines can do major damage to our “Sensitive” parts.

They can mate in the obvious ways, but it seems that when their creators were still around,they would splice DNA together to create the best offspring. I once asked him to show me how males would breed, he showed this nose touching ritual, were energy would pool right under where their noses touched, until it formed into a sphere the size of a soft ball, it then swirled around the “stronger” of the two males, I am unsure if the energy eventually touches down when it is  developed enough, or they find a female to house the offspring. The answer could be both it seems.

This is why females, whom are incredibly rare will be fought over and protected in a feverish rage, even going so far as if a keeper approaches a wild female that Female’s herd they will light and charge.

Colts and fillies very soft and silky,awkward and silly and the size of normal horse babies, which makes them look itty bitty compared to their parents. Smol horn stubs, big eyes, normally the same color as their parents. Tiny hooves and kinda big heads. They appear more thoroughbred than Clydesdale, they shift when their hormones kick in.

As companions bound to a rider, they offer protection like no other, be it through the safety of demonic realms, or just out in daily life.These equines seem to know just when trouble is about to start, and will light up and defend their Rider hoof,horn and flame. They are also good as sniffing out hidden dangers, be it magical or otherwise, and will use their flame to burn the threat to a crisp.

Most need a strong and yet sturdy hand, as they are mostly wild and this is the first time in a long time they have been introduced back to riders. They will need firm house rules, lots of space and many a loving hand as some of them still bare the scars of war.They are very protective of their rider, aggressive to most everyone else, except those in their Rider’s keep, but need a separate space to breath and run and call their own. They will tolerate other spirits and entities, but do not wish to be overly social unless it is with their own kind, or Keeper.

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