HellFire DreadNaught Stallion Custom Conjures

HellFire DreadNaught Stallion Custom Conjures

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HellFire Stallions ( Their full name being HellFire DreadNaught Stallions, shortened for convenience) are a proud race of demon equine that came to me one night in a sleep deprived state. This herd’s leader, Joko , told me about his race, and seemed drawn to me. They were bred as war mounts, and it shows .They are large clydesdale stallions,the average size is 17 hands at the shoulder, larger is 20-25, largest is rumored to be 30-32 hands. They are huge to say the least with long sharp large canines that poke out from their mouths.Their normal colors vary from burnt reds and oranges to pitch black with subtle hints of burgundy near their backs and spines, at least the males. Most females, if you are lucky to see them, seem to be ghostly ashy whites and greys. These herds can range anywhere in number from the 500s to 1000s, Joko’s herd is small, around 300, but seems to be growing slowly . They have long silky manes/tails that produce a special oil that can catch fire. They use this oil, and a special triggering enzyme to erupt their manes and tails into flame for fights/war dances/ mating ceremonies. They have ox like tails, but they move and sway more like lions, these too can catch fire. They are ravenous meat eaters,but know the difference between pet and prey. They have proudly horned adorned heads, and they curl back near the ear and towards the tush in a ~ shape.They have scales on their back down their spine, that can be raised and lowered like spikes, and are quite painful if accidently sat on.

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