Betr'e Custom Conjures

Betr'e Custom Conjures

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Sightings of the noble and fierce (if not lethal) Betr'e originate within a secluded astral realm and are regarded as intelligent, civilized entities with complex political and social systems. They manifest as thick-bodied, monstrously sized serpents with many brilliant variations in color and personality. They typically have twelve stubby legs, which they may tuck at their sides to slither when in a pinch. They have pointed snouts and spiraling horns unique to each individual. Currently, the most spiritually advanced of the known accessible population reside and operate in a place known only as the Temple. Apparently vast in intelligence, magically adept and highly political beings, they keep a strict form of hierarchy among their kind (at least within the Temple). Their highest ranking individual, known simply as "the Monarch" out of respect, is female. Apparently, females genetically have a much larger build than males, have greater potential for Magickal prowess, and are generally more highly revered than the male population. However, there are other factors that can determine rank, such as the size of their horns and inherited scale coloration. The former determines the strength of an individual, as those who can keep longer horns are less challenged and more highly respected, while the latter determines their bloodline and it's purity as well as origins (much in the same way skin color determines bloodline in our realm).(

Betr'e have a wide range of coloration and combinations, which I will list here.

Blue: The most common Primary coloration. Blue individuals tend to lack most spiritual abilities, however their skills physically (strength as well as politics between lower level entities) are their strong suit. Lower level, in this case, means closer to "earthen" than "ethereal." They are often ambassadors and body guards, and span the realm.
Green: Less common than the Blues, they tend to be a bit more frail, but also make good energy workers according to their bloodline. It is not uncommon to find them as healers or shielders, perhaps even diviners if they are advanced enough. While Primary Greens are skilled, however, Secondary greens, especially when paired with Blue or Brown, are considered muddled, and while more common are not often found in the Temple.
Earth: A very undesired bloodline, they normally work as artisans in the physical world, because without any physical skills, they are considered useless and are left without a clan. However, those that find their niche are unparalleled. They congregate away from the Temple and it's storms. While shunned as Primaries, Secondary Browns with Blue or Green Bloodlines may be redeemed if their skills are high enough.
Mauve: One of the rarest colors on the spectrum (third rarest), those whose bloodline possesses this coloration is destined to commit to great spiritual work, including Conjuration, Necromancy, and other powerful works. Those with these bloodlines as Primary are held in high esteem, and cannot occur as Secondary. However, Primary colors can "clash" which is a grave insult to some, especially if one of those colors is Mauve or higher. The Monarch has Mauve in her blood.
Gold: Second rarest of the Primaries, Golds have a tendency to hold the highest roles of political standing. They have the potential to harness the ability to look into past lives, unlike Greens who may simply divine. Generations of wisdom make them Sage-like and particularly fearsome in battle, as they may even inherit other worldly skills. These skills are only available to Primary Golds. However, Secondary Golds (unlike other primaries) are unique in that their offspring have a chance at inheriting Gold as Primary. Therefore, Golds are never a clashing Primary, and are revered in any bloodline or mix as they guarantee those born in Gold a spot in high ranking society. These are more common in the Temple than anywhere else on the planet.
Platinum: Exceedingly rare and yet to witness such a color in either Primary or Secondary, Platinums are the most gifted in all Ethereal and Magickal ability. Interdimensional travel comes naturally to this bloodline, and they are even rumored to be able to reach the Higher Self, or Soul, of not only themselves, but any individual (unlike Golds). Apparently, they remain secluded in a place called the Sanctuary, and to witness one with this bloodline is an honor of both reverence and fear. Legend among them says the first Platinum was born of a single male who ascended above his bloodline with the help of a divine immortal being after devoting his life to magick and expanding his knowledge of the multiverse.
Slate: Nonexistent as a Primary Color, this Secondary coloration is common in blues, yet no other bloodline. While seemingly dormant, this color doesn't seem to have an origin bloodline at all, making this quite an interesting hereditary trait. While most disregard Slates, it is rumored that this was the origin of Platinum Bloodlines, and hints at this color being the mark of hidden potential by means of diligence and hard work, rather than by birthright.

Temple Variant Known by their tongue as Stormfins, these variants possess two sets of fins which fold seamlessly underneath their legs, and extend for the sole purpose of Storm Flight. These Bethir inherit this trait to maneuver within the continuous tempests as a means of travel. However, they also do this in an act of "Becoming One with the Eye" referring to the energy of storms (such as hurricanes) and becoming the center, the calm, completely in control of the swirling energies in perfect clarity. In the Temple, any Betr’e besides the Stormfin is "a poor soul, indeed."

Vetting for these spirits typically takes 6 weeks to complete. Please bear this waiting period in mind when ordering your service. For further questions regarding our practices, please contact us via email or through out Contact Us page.

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It takes around six weeks minimum to vet spirits. That said, please allow us this wait time when binding your companion. For more information about our practices, please check our FAQ! Alternatively, if you still have questions or concerns, Contact Us via email and we will answer any questions you have as quickly as possible.

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