Spriggan Nomad Custom Conjures

Spriggan Nomad Custom Conjures


The Spriggans I conjure are so called because they resemble their namesake from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Their bark-like bodies and leaf-covered branches mark their deep connection to the trees they care for and reside in. Unlike Dryads, these creatures are not confined to a single tree, but "hop" from forest to forest where they feel needed. A single Spriggan may stay with one tree all it's life, or choose another within a matter of weeks. Some Spriggans will even stay with their host tree after it has been made into a magickal implement, if you are really fortunate. Their love of nature and all its denizens is practically unparalleled, as they are able to empathize with the plant life itself, and feel their emotions to the point that they believe the wood of the tree carries on it's sentience despite being cut. Those that seek companionship tend to bring an abundance of natural magick to others' crafts in order to help their companions better understand and appreciate the about them that often goes unheard.

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