Southertail Naga Custom Conjures

Southertail Naga Custom Conjures


The Southertail Naga live deep in the tropical regions of their realm, where forest has long shifted into jungle. Southertails have vividly colored scales, pairs horns on their heads, and fiery personalities. They lean heavily on their instincts, as they need to! Their people are nomadic warriors, traveling across miles upon miles of territory in pursuit of fresh food supply. Often seen traveling alongside tribes of Demigryph, they work as a team to utilize their best attributes in order to thrive. Demigryphs will typically teach the Southertails their hunting tactics to best lure and trap prey, while three Naga create weapons and use their strength when their target is close at hand. They push those they befriend to test their confidence and take life by the horns. They are rash, and don't normally think things through, but life persists due to those who have taken risks, or so is their philosophy.

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