Solar Pipe Dragons

Solar Pipe Dragons


Like their Lunar Pipe cousins, they bond with an astral flower exclusive to their race, and are born from them. Ember Lilies grow in places brimming with Solar Energy, and manifest in sandy dunes near hidden jewels of life (such as an oasis). They appear as black flowers with many spindly petals that seem to be constantly smoldering with glimmering cinders. Lunar Pipes themselves are almost exclusively black in coloration, surrounded by a gleaming aura which ranges from sunny yellows to fiery reds. Their eyes and various marks glow to match this aura. While almost identical in their anatomy compared to Lunar Pipes, their energy and abilities couldn't be any more vastly different. They are practically polar! Rather than fueling themselves with dream energy, they influence those around them by bringing them down to earth and keeping them on task through powerful drive and motivation. They give their keepers an excitement and passion in everything they set out to do, and help manifest what they labor to do in the physical realm. They are perfect for companions who need an extra boost or a sense of direction, as they are powerful energetic "coaches" for those who feel it is needed. Their favorite offerings typically include spiced meats, candles and incenses.

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