Prismatic Egg - LIMITED

Prismatic Egg - LIMITED


Welcome to my newest creation, my nest egg if you will!

I only have a four spaces for these guys! So If you want one best to message me !

Each of these servitors will be uniquely crafted for you, a dragon to fight against the waves of negativity we each battle with every day.

I feel it’s my duty to explain to you why the price is so high for these servitors, compared to my SDS or AS, or Eros/Euphora.

Each of these servitors have a perfectly timed life cycle, detailed body structure and digestive track that allows them to ingest and break down the negativity/invasive energies that might affect you, while their body radiates positivity to counterbalance it. They essentially do the jobs of my three other servitors in one go, and thus are much harder to make and link to their Keeper.

Each of my Servitors specializes in one area of negativity.

  1. Drad- Negativity sent to you by others, such as curses, hexs, jinxes ect. He was made and created to eat or tear down such things sent my way, or return them to their sender.

  2. M- Negativity that has built up in your living spaces over time, this could be from fights, breakups, deaths, it’s the general dust of life to put it honestly. She gathers it up and eats it, if the meal is to big for her she calls her brothers and shares.

  3. Dara- Negativity of the self, this can be from mental disorders ( not saying he can get rid of them, but he dislodges some of the self hate you may harbor), most notably anxiety and depression. I made him as a sort of smith, he melts it down and sets the finished ingots aside for later, literally crafting weapons, or sometimes using the energy in and of itself, to make more positive things for me.

Your dragon will have all those abilities, aside from the smithing, I adjusted that so they pour out positivity instead. Your dragon when fully grown should range between the size a truck and a one story home.

The once per payment triple cleansing ( using all three of those servitors listed above ) is $75 USD alone. That’s ¾ of the payment for this servitor alone. The rest goes to the creation and customization and linking to the keeper.

The age categories for each servitor are as follows:

  1. Egg

    1. The First six months of the servitors life will be inside a egg that matches their overall color scheme. Their vessel will be like an umbilical cord to you, wearing it will directly feed them your energy,and they will tune into your emotional state and will form inside the egg based on your specific needs. When not wearing their vessel, the egg will soak up energy from the home like a snake does sunlight, slowly connecting to your place of residence or work space, so they can deal with it appropriately . Everything said to the egg will be understand after about 3 months, which is when the brain develops, before then it is programmed to eat and give out bursts of positivity as needed.

  2. Hatchling-

    1. A few days to a week after the first six months of life, the servitor will hatch from it’s egg, and will cuddle and curl up to you. They will range from the size of a small cat to a small dog, depending on how big the egg has gotten. They will remain in this child like state,for another year from their hatch date. It’s at this time their metabolism will kick in, and their body will begin to adjust it’s stomachs according to how much of a certain negativity is in your life. They are not so much in control of their positivity bursts now, but will eat like no tomorrow. When not eating they will try to make you laugh and smile, or will rest.

  3. Wyrmling

    1. Basically turning into a teenager, their body will grow slower but their mind will eat up knowledge and information.Their wings are almost fully developed now and are capable of flight, and if you are lucky they will take you on rides in your dreams! They are also now capable of short burst of breath weapons, for the defense of themselves  and yourself if need be.They will be able to communicate, but not for long periods of time.They’ll be that way for another year.

  4. Adult

    1. Fully grown in detailed perfection, their elegant bodies and wings will be capable of long periods of flight, will have fully working breath weapons and will be capable of hours and hours of telepathic speak.Depending on the Adult, they may stay in this form to 2-4 years.Depending on how strong the food they eat and digest, most of what they consume now will go into energy store for their life cycle.

  5. Old-

    1. Your dragon will be old after he hits the mark of 6 years old. They might be slow to respond, but anything they eat now will most assuredly be used to help them reform into a egg. You’ll have to contact me for that, as I don’t want them to do it on their own in case of complications. They’ll be old for maybe a month or two, and then the cycle will start again after I reset them. Don’t worry their new egg for will remember all your adventures together and you will not lose the friend you have come to cherish !

Their digestive tract break down-

One stomach shall be just for the negativity yourself,one shall be for aura build up,one shall be from personal space cleansing,and one shall be for the emotional energies. Their liver will be bigger than most dragons and a lot stronger as to handle even the toughest energy. The rest of their system( gallbladder,intestines,pancreas etc )  shall be upgraded to accommodate. They can digest fully the contents of one stomach in 48 hours, and thus will have plenty of energy and will be strong and fit.

Their unique abilities:

  • Cleansing of your personal space

  • Cleansing of your aura and it’s build up

  • Clearing and cleansing of emotional energies ( they may tell you you need a good cry, which is actually your brain saying you have way to much of a chemical built up of emotion and thus need to let it out! Don’t be afraid to listen to them!)

  • Last but not least the cleansing of self negativity

Each one of these servitors takes anywhere from a few days to a month to make, and I will be in touch with you every step of the way.

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