Prebound Hellfire Cleara

Prebound Hellfire Cleara


As always the hellfires require visits before taking them home, please send in a form or discord request on the designated channel to do so!

Appearance: Cleara is a beautiful dapped grey on white mare, 15 hands high with a set of round thick bands near the points of her horns. I can only speculate to their meaning, her eyes are a beautiful emerald water pool green, and are bright and alive like the fresh leaves of spring. Her flames, though she rarely lights up are just as vibrant as her eyes , she seems to have not as much enzyme production in her system as her fellow hellfires, so lighting up is a bit harder for her. But it makes her none the less more lovable and cherishable a companion. ( She is a bit of a thicc girl, but I love her all the same, her coat is softer than a normal hellfire)


Personality: Cleara is also a slightly skitterish mare, being a rather young adult and have never gone far from the herd. While she is excited about companionship, exploration at first may not be the best option, although if you want you can travel with the herd as they move around their realm. She is fidgety around portals but will go through if gently pushed. Give her time to warm up to them and you and all of this new excitement and she’ll be a wonderful companion. She’s just not used to all these new and wondrous things. However within her comfort zone you’ll find she is a voracious cuddler, flopping down onto the grass next to you and just about playfully throwing her head onto your lap for pets and brushes, making soft horse/cooing noises. She enjoys mangos, mint ice cream, rare meats ( as rare as they can be safely cooked) lightly seasoned with rosemary and garlic and a hella amount of butter. ( Don’t give her this often xD)

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