Pontigryph and Brux Fae Custom Conjures

Pontigryph and Brux Fae Custom Conjures

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Pontigryphs are tiny variants of gryphon that are usually no bigger than two inches in length. They have the forefronts of hummingbirds, which can vary greatly in appearance between species, and the hindquarters of mice.Their prehensile tails wrap around thin branches when they land, and long beaks both harvest the nectar they consume as part of their diet, and defend them from larger predators. They share an intricate relationship with the Brux Fae. While not all Ponti will find a fae partner, the Brux Fae are completely dependent on their connection with an individual Pontigryph. When a Brux Fae is born, it's spirit becomes a conduit of extreme empathy, searching for a compatible partner to latch on to. At a certain age, the young fae visit the nesting grounds, and will not leave until they have imprinted with an egg or hatchling. When an imprint occurs, the two are deeply and intensely connected mentally and emotionally. They become one in nearly every aspect, and behave as part of a two-person hive mind. The line between individuality and union becomes blurred and askew, and both creatures benefit greatly from it. The Brux Fae are wonderful with all kinds of nature magick, especially those involving plant growth and animal communication. They truly give their keepers insight of their perspective, bringing a higher appreciation for the little things, and a deeper admiration for the far grander scheme. They also inspire empathy in their companions, showing them the importance of interconnections with other people and spirits, and how it can enrich your life in the long run. The Brux Fae decorate their bodies with decorative clothing made of furs and feathers shed from their companions, and even parts of flowers to go in their hair. They are often seen riding or snuggling their partners, and are practically inseparable.

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