Auric Cuttles

Auric Cuttles

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These servitors are no bigger than your pinky nail, but are created in groups of 15-30 per batch. These colorful servitors resemble baby cuttlefish, and work together for a very specific purpose: to constantly filter negativity from your auric field! They "swim" through your energy, constantly absorbing and devouring energetic muck and negative blockages. As it traverses through their bodies, the energy is transformed, and the byproduct is the remaining aura, which is ejected as auric ink! The aura is then re-integrated into your energy where the process starts again. When you no longer wish for them to clean your aura, simply direct them to an empty vessel that emits its own energy, and they will hang around it (unless they are given a vessel, at which point they will remain with it instead.) These servitors can also hide themselves using expert camouflage to blend into your aura and go about unnoticed. They are extremely intelligent, and will even sense which trouble spots you would like them to focus on primarily and tackle it in a team effort. They are often shy, hiding in small crevices when threatened (pockets for example), but may also display affection by glowing brightly and nuzzling and "hugging" their companion on their fingertips when allowed. If you feel you have neglected caring for your own auric field, these little guys are perfect foe whatever task you throw at them!

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Servitors take about four weeks minimum to create. Please allot us this waiting period when creating and binding your companions. If you have any questions about our practices, please visit the FAQ at the bottom of our homepage. Alternatively, if you have other inquiries or concerns not answered adequately by FAQ, you may contact us via email and we will address your questions as soon as possible.

The pictures displayed to represent spirit races, preconjures and servitor designs are purely for representational purposes, and are in no way the commercial or intellectual property of the Shattered Prism, and all credit for the artwork or photography goes to the original artist or photographer. If you wish your artwork to be removed from storefront regardless, please notify us immediately and we will have your artwork removed without delay. If the artwork is an original work, or commissioned for shop use, we will state so here.