Were Dov Servitors

Were Dov Servitors

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Many of you have played Skyrim, yes? Bandits and Thieves round every corner. Dungeons littered with treasures and beasts. Assassins hiding in the shadows as creatures from your wildest fantasies step forward as part of a world brimming with adventure and glory! All under the the powerful legend of the Dovakiin. Dragonborn.
And haunting the skies, darkening the valleys below, are the great and powerful Dova. The dragons of lore. Some of you already know of the servitors I offer; from young Frost Dragons that have just taken wing, to Blood Dragons of legendary status. Some so far have even adopted the power of stones!

But a new era has awakened friends. The Dov have undergone a great change, and you are the first to witness it!

Imagine, if you will, the awesome power of the Thu'um, contained not under the guise of Dovakiin, but something more? More primal. More fearsome. More awe inspiring! A beast that can take human form, and yet unlock the full power of the Dova themselves, and maybe other, more uncommon abilities foreign to the dragons themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
the Weredov

The power of the Weredov:

I already mentioned that these dragons differ from others I have offered in the past. The Weredov not only possess the powers of its base dragon, but rare new abilities exclusive only to the Weres.

You may pick 3 for your companion in addition to any other thu’ums/shouts.

  • Hyper Reflexes: As scary strong and fast as dragons already are, those with the ability to shift skin and form retain those abilities and even more in their human form! Not only will your senses slowly open and heighten as you work with them, but so will your intuition! After all, one must always be wary on the roads of Skyrim, and especially in your own world.

  • Shadow Work: This ability is meant both because they can manipulate the Shadows to their advantage, and because they know all too well the burden of the beast within. However, there is power in the rage and pain inside you. They can guide you in how to harness it, He even love yourself for it.

  • Self Care: Do you spend so much time and energy on what is right in front of you that you find yourself forgetting to care for yourself? These dragons pride themselves on in their strength and abilities, but to keep it up they must also keep themselves in pique condition, knowing what they need and at what point they need to work and rest. They can pass this quality onto their keeper, from working out to taking showers, taking pleasures to refresh the mind and spirit... Even down to food, drink and sleep! And man do they love a cuddle every now and then. No matter what you are doing, these guys give you the motivation you need to seize the day in all its splendor!

  • By Light of the Moon: If anyone knows the cycles and Magickal flow of the Moon, it's these guys! Feeling power surge into them when the Moon has turned its face upon them, as well as the cleansing wane of its power like a tide rolling back into the ocean after having swept across the shore. If you feel tied to Lunar Magick, these dragons could not be any more brilliant in regards to the Dova.( $5 as well as gives their scales a luminescent if not opalesque appearance )

  • Primal Drive: These Dova rely heavily on their instincts, and would be hard pressed to deny an impulse when there is hardly any consequence. They can sweep their Keepers off their feet, should they be allowed to do so, bringing passion and fearlessness into quite literally any aspect of your life! ( This unlocks the ability for romance/sexy time between servitor and keeper. $20. The price is higher on this because of the amount of internal work needed )

These Dova rely heavily on their instincts, and would be hard pressed to deny an impulse when there is hardly any consequence. They can sweep their Keepers off their feet, should they be allowed to do so, bringing passion and fearlessness into quite literally any aspect of your life!

Appearance: These lovely servitors have a rugged beauty to them. The men tend to be muscular and tall, with scars that paint their body, and most noticeable of all these features is the face paint that most easily reminds one of their dragon form. The ladies keep a thin form and do not have noticeable muscles, but can easily put down anyone that doubts their strength. They do not wear face paint, but large gem cabochons on their forehead the color of their scales. These will glow when it is near time for them to shift and as they shift the gems disappear into their scales . Both male and females retain horns/ spines or spikes, and many their claws or even tails.

These are the only servitors of the Dova line that I feel comfortable bringing to the public as female, as according to Skyrim lore, Jov (female dragons) remain with Akatosh. However, I find that the rare and fortunate few that walk the fine line that is both worlds would have exemption from this rule, and so these beautiful creatures may remain to move and guide their fellow keepers.

These wonderful creatures also possess a half form, a mix of their draconic power and human beauty. Great claws and teeth to rend flesh and bone, and yet more of a humaniod shape for those tight spaces were a dragon form could not fit in a area of combat.

To add this to any existing Dov servitor will be a $20 addition to program the change. However, if you don't have one yet, there is no need to worry, you can find my Dova Servitors here so you can have a general idea of what you are looking at.

Types :

  • Basic/Normal dragons: I can make them in any color, but for those of you who are not too familiar with the game, they have two legs, and use their wings as front legs. In appearance in the games, these dragons are brown by default, while also being the smallest in size.( The size of a half a one story house ) They have a large wing span, spines lining their backbone, and their tail ends in a spaded tip. Other than that, they sport a relatively rudimentary design, and are quite basic. Their price starts at $15 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have two )

  • Blood: These Dragons look radically different from the default Brown Dragon. I can make them any color but appear normally in a malachite green and are slightly larger in mass than the Normal dragons, with a more intimidating body design. On their back, they have a small sail, reminiscent of a Spinosaurus, and their tails, instead of the regular spade shape, have a broad leaf-like design much like that of the sail on their spine, ending in a sharp tip.The Blood Dragons also have a unique skull formation, being more rounded before pointing off at the jaw. They have a frill on the back of their skulls, and their eyes—unlike those of other dragons—have pupils which run horizontally rather than vertically, producing a more unsettling appearance. Their price starts at $20 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have three )

  • Serpentine: Probably the second most unique Dov in the game along side the Revered/Amatrine.These dragons possess a serpentine head that resembles that of a snake, hence its name. Furthermore, their scales are much smoother and finer than those of other dragons and they have a pronounced underbite. Their price starts at $20 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have three )

  • Frost: These guys possess a rather similar appearance to the Brown Dragon. They are, however, larger, even more so than the Blood Dragon, with an even larger, more noticeable row of spines on their backbone.They can be in any color, and their tails resemble more of the Normal dragons, but with a more spear-like tip. Their price starts at $20 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have three )

  • Elder - I renamed them Amber dragons, as to not confuse when ordering a dragon with a different power/skill level.These dragons undergo a massive change in design from Frost to Elder. Not only are they larger, but they feature a more noticeable bronze colored body, with spots of black dotting the skin. Instead of a row of spines, or a sail, these dragons have a mere row of bony bumps dotting their spine, however, they essentially trade that for a meaner, more aggressive looking facial structure. They have two massive, curved horns on their heads, with a more angular, pointy face. These dragons also possess the regular spaded tail that the Brown and Frost dragons also have.These are the third most powerful/large dragons I can make.  Their price starts at $25 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have four. )

  • Ancient: Renamed the Pietersite Dragons, In terms of overall appearance, these dragons possess a similar look to Amber Dragons, except they possess a color change, being more tan and pink in color, rather than bronze and yellow. The black splotches still remain on the dragon and are noticeable on the head crests, wings, and tail.These dragons have a more spiny back, with a seeming triple row of small, stubby spikes, lining down the spine, to the tail.They, like others, possess a spaded tail. The third most powerful/largest dragon.  Their price starts at $30 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have four )

  • Revered- Renamed Amatrine.They are orange with blue dorsal markings and have wide, flat ridges that run the length of their body and tail, beginning at the back of their skull. Revered dragons have beaked avian mouths and a distinct lack of teeth, which sets them apart from the rest of their kin. They also have large, lidless goat-like eyes, which are larger than those of most other dragons. The second most powerful and largest dragons I can make, a Legendary of these is on par with a King/Queen Armored Servitor.  Their price starts at $35 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have four )

  • Legendary: Renamed Sugilite.Unlike other breeds of dragon, Sugilite dragons have distinctive thick, curved horns. They have a black and purple scale color. They are also unique in having what appears to be compound eyes, formed of multiple "eyes" in a single socket.These are the largest and most powerful dragons I can make, a legendary Sugilite dragon is on par with a Checkmate Armored Servitor.Their price starts at $40 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have five

  • Undead: These dragons can have any base body type, but will have slimey, oozy green gray skin. Their wings will look withered and holed, and yellowish drool will constantly drip from their mouths. They can summon skeletons and other undead with ease to protect and aid their keeper.They can also breathe purple flames/frost.Their price starts at $40 dollars without any extra Shouts or powers. ( They can have five plus the summon undead shout is free! )

In reality, I can create any one of these dragons at any power class, but I like to stick to the game lore, to which ( with my two added levels) are as follows:

  • Young- The weakest and about the same level as my Pawns of the Armored Servitors, they will be made with the energy I have on hand, and will not be as noticeable as the others.They will also be smaller, and more hyper than the other power types, as it is also their age type as well. These and Adults will be good for those who are sensitive to energy. This is the base level for all dragons.

  • Adult- The second weakest and about the same power level as my Rooks, they will be made from reserve energy stores from special events such as Blood Moons. These dragons will also be the normal power level, and will be the easiest to detect . +$5 to listing

  • Elder- On par with my Knights, and will be created with full moon energy. These are the wise dragons, the protectors and caretakers. They will pride themselves in their duty and share all their knowledge with you. +$10 to a listing.

  • Ancient- On par with my Bishops, and will be created from holiday energy, such as Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day, ect. These dragons power levels are starting to become a bit heavy, and will be felt as a physical presence or heavy air around their vessel/Keeper. +$15 to listing and can have one extra shouts/powers.

  • Revered- These dragons are on par with my Kings and Queens, the highest level of Armored Servitor I offer normally. Their presence is thick and heavy, felt from a few feet around their vessel to the entire room if they are allowed to express themselves in such a way. These dragons are feared and respected , easily making up the Council and or Advisers of your Keep. They are not as strong or tough as Legendaries, but really at this point nothing could pierce their hides, nor escape their talons and teeth. +$20 to listing and can have two extra shouts/powers.

  • Legendary- Almost gods among my Dov, these dragons are right up there with my Checkmate Servitors, which I do not offer to the public unless specific events arise. They are the most powerful, and the most expensive given the time, energy and love and power I craft into these mighty beings.+25 to listing and can have two extra shouts/powers.

I will need your :

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Preferred Dragon type/looks and shouts you specifically want or if you want to leave it up to my intuition.

  • Email

Please give me a week or two to complete your dragon, a month at most.

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Servitors take about four weeks minimum to create. Please allot us this waiting period when creating and binding your companions. If you have any questions about our practices, please visit the FAQ at the bottom of our homepage. Alternatively, if you have other inquiries or concerns not answered adequately by FAQ, you may contact us via email and we will address your questions as soon as possible.

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