Vampyr Dov Add On

Vampyr Dov Add On

from 10.00

Additions (See Vampyr Add On Listing)

  • Bat like features: $10) Anything from bat like ears and wings, to the ability for the Dov to develop echolocation. This comes with a bonus attribute of the keeper having increased hearing.

  • Humanoid Forms : ($20 min) Depending on the power class and how specifically detailed the dragon is, I will create for them and add on a human form. These human forms will be used mostly for the day time and unlocks the ability for them to be sexual or in a relationship with their keeper. This will also require more work on my part and will require detailed information if you do want a relationship with them. If not, they will not be given any sort of romantic/sexual inclination to their Keepers. (Also unlocks sex magic in the dov's already large magical arsenal )

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