Vallee the Carbuncle

Vallee the Carbuncle


Name: Vallee
Gender: Female
Race: Carbuncle
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: Grey
Presence: Entity

Vallee is a fluffy white cat with faded silver marks. Her ears are curled, and her eyes are bright green to match her gem core. She is among a select few with a dual core, being rutilated peridot. Her horns are still layered with a light brown stone.

Vallee is a mild, friendly feline with a love of most people. She is quite reserved and calm, but when offered affection, there is no turning it down. Her presence is soothing in itself, exuding life force and easing negative feelings such as guilt and inferiority. She can help her keeper work through mistakes, and ensure the same mistakes aren't made again. Her core also helps with meditation and spirit communication. Despite her relaxed attitude, she is very forward and progressive, helping her future companion to become independent and productive without overworking themselves. She has a very motherly attitude, and will frequently cleanse her friends' auras by grooming them.

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