Somniate Custom Conjure

Somniate Custom Conjure


Somniates are grey skinned humanoids, some standing at 9-10' tall. They are lanky with no clothes to speak of, but also nothing to visibly hide, either. They have a long pair of legs and equally long arms (two sets). They have no hair, and their faces are featureless, but they display different swirling colors like an aurora. The skull is also elongated (reminiscent of the stylized ancient Egyptians who would grow up having their skull form a specific way for show of status). Somniates are so named because visiting their astral space is similar to entering a dream realm. It takes a long time to adjust and become entirely lucid. They often manifest with initial "masks" or alternate forms depending on the individual they are communicating with. Their society is peaceful, and made to seamlessly blend nature and technology so the two may coexist in peace. Most (if not all) of the inhabitants have psychic ability of some sort, and most of these are docile beings. These extraterrestrials are well worth befriending and working with, especially if dream magick is your path.

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