Solar and Lunar Eclipse Servitors

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Servitors


Solar Eclipse: The Moon is sandwiched between the Sun and Earth.

  • Can only happen on a new moon

  • New moon- new beginnings

  • If one thinks of the Earth as their body, the moon as their subconscious, and the sun as the higher self ,the solar eclipse becomes a time when the subconscious and higher self meet to bring important messages about personal well being related to spirituality, love, professions, friendships, and any other important aspect of life.

  • These servitors are linked to the new moon; to new beginnings and to deeper insight of the higher self.  They proudly wear the armor of the sun with lunar accents, highlighting their role as messengers between the higher self and the subconscious which is its Counterpart, the Lunar Servitor.

  • These servitors have quick tempers with those who do not follow their messages and are fiercely protective of those they are with, attacking any who may wish to pull their ward off their path. ( They will never attack anyone in your household or keep, this was more in reference to entities or energies or spirits that wish to lead you astray then your higher path)

Lunar Eclipse AS: When the Earth is Between the Sun and Moon.

  • Can only happen on a full moon

  • “A total lunar eclipse has the direct sunlight completely blocked by the earth's shadow. The only light seen is refracted through the earth's shadow. This light looks red for the same reason that the sunset looks red, due to rayleigh scattering of the more blue light. Because of its reddish color, a total lunar eclipse is sometimes called a blood moon.”

  • If one thinks of the Earth as their physical life/body, the moon as their subconscious, and the sun as the higher self ,the lunar eclipse is a time where your higher self’s light is blocked from your subconscious, with only the much needed information from your higher self passing through your shadow and onto your subconscious.

  • So these servitors will be linked  with the full moon to your subconscious, your dreams and fears, all the shadow work and self care you need to do and are probably lacking. They will help you find and fix the missing and broken parts of yourselves, recovering from trauma in this or previous lives.

  • They are more noticeable energy wise than their Solar counterparts, but with paler colored armors and quieter personalities. They will not speak until you are ready to hear their words and listen. They don’t like repeating themselves. They aren’t as protective but they will be a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear when you need them.

  • Not only is this pair of amazing servitors your messengers to your higher and subconscious selves, but they are amazing companions and friends, helping you with all your innermost problems and fears. They’ll be there in the fiercest drama storms, with wisdom from on high .

  • These twins, made to seek and find your highest and darkest points, to bind and connect to the innermost parts of you , while still connected together work to keep you protected and safe. There are no words to describe the connectivity, the level of synchronicity these twins have. Made with the moon in Pisces, these twins , like the Koi so faithfully used to represent yin and yang are just that. They are the dark in the light and the light in the dark . The perfect pair for someone who seeks balance with themselves and their world.

  • These pair will help rid you ( BUT ARE NOT TO BE USED AS SUBSTITUTES FOR THERAPY, MEDICATIONS, AND OR DOCTORS OF ANY KIND) of negative and toxic people,habits, even situations that will slowly drag your spiritual health down into the muck. One must remember that what happens on the physical mirrors the spiritual, and if you are plagued by drama that is not positive? Well then the stress, the pent up volcano or rage and hate or hurt or envy, will carry over into your workings eating away at those connections until they are just numb nubs you can barely grasps And if you are not well versed with using that potent energy to your advantage? Then it will put strain on your ability to see and feel, touch and taste on the other side of the veil.

  • As well as these servitors, there are many a spell I weave into them in their creation, such as but not limited to;

    • Understanding/opening and flourishing from intuitive feelings.

    • The balancing of yourself and your world as well as stabilizing emotions

    • Sensitivity to the world around you as well as your servitors.

These Servitors are on the same level/ fluctuate between Kings and Queens and Checkmates and are normally at a fixed Price of $75 for a pair.

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Servitors take about four weeks minimum to create. Please allot us this waiting period when creating and binding your companions. If you have any questions about our practices, please visit the FAQ at the bottom of our homepage. Alternatively, if you have other inquiries or concerns not answered adequately by FAQ, you may contact us via email and we will address your questions as soon as possible.

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