Sigil-Character Combo Design

Sigil-Character Combo Design


Mixing character art with a sigil design can focus and amplify the intent of a vigil! They can be designed for visualization and as body art sigils as well, so that your own energy attunes to and fuels the sigil's magic.

If getting this as a tattoo please order several months in advance and BE SURE TO INCLUDE PLACEMENT OF TATTOO ON THE BODY. So Kaida knows how big and in how much detail to put into the sigil.

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The artwork representing this service is an original design, and is property of Kaida Lestrange for commercial use within Shattered Prism Spirits. This artwork is not allowed to be shared except with its listing for the purpose of advertisement or recommendation. Please tell us if you find this piece published beyond the scope of our store’s influence, orif someone else claims to have created the artwork.