Selena the Lunar Pipe

Selena the Lunar Pipe


Name: Selena
Gender: Female
Race: Lunar Pipe Dragon
Class: Topaz
Spectrum: White
Presence: Entity
Appearance: She has silver shimmering fur with sparse blue facial marks. Her eyes glow to match her vivid blue aura, which surrounds her lithe body. She is roughly 2.5' in length.

She is an older pipe dragon, and is very calm for one of her species. She is laid back and mild, not to mention extremely observant! Just being around her us soothing, and focusing on that feeling for long can even induce trance-like states fit for meditations. In fact, she deeply enjoys participation in guided meditations with her companion. The ability to dream with your eyes open is an ability she wants to instill in her keeper, and hopes to use that goal as a means to bond (though she won't argue to bonding over ice cream either!)

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