Sanctum Valley Realm Portal

Sanctum Valley Realm Portal

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This listing is among the first of it's kind, and has been in the works for quite some time in the anticipation of the shop's public opening. I have spoken to the Peryton, Carbunculi and Fury, all of whom reside within this protected plane, and with their permission offer this binding to the public. I have spelled and specially warded a single vessel: a Blue Goldstone Pyramid. This vessel is designed to be the focus of meditative sessions, and will be linked to the spirit of the one who claims it. They and they alone will be allowed to visit the astral space, where they can witness it's residents (including Pumpkit Servitors, Plant Dragons and other creatures). Upon purchase, you will be given a description of the realm and it's inhabitants, as well as a briefing of it's terms and safety precautions. What's more, the binding doubles as a spirit binding. You will be tied to a single resident entity of the Sanctuary (Your choice between Carbuncle and Peryton) who will act as guide, guardian and escort through the realm. Without their blessing, entry into the Sanctuary will be impossible, so no one can "hijack" your portal or access to the realm. While they can be called upon in your astral space, this realm is their home. The attached picture is the empty vessel before binding the portal, so as to respect the sanctity and secrecy of the realm by which it was first protected

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