Reptaur Custom Conjures

Reptaur Custom Conjures


Reptaurs (an uncanny word play of Reptile and Centaur) are small creatures that resemble lizards and skinks, but in place of a lizard’s head, they have scaly, humanoid torsos and reptilian faces. They are typically three inches long, and are very energetic beings. The ones I conjure live exclusively near the loch in my astral realm, and even shift into full lizard forms as well! They stepped forward for consideration in companionship, and wish to present themselves as an outgoing and loyal people. While they do not specialize in any magick in particular as a race, they are an inquisitive and lively group who love nothing more than to see what you are doing from day to day, even if you yourself don’t find it worth their invested interest. They are quirky to be certain, and well worth the effort to connect with!

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It takes around six weeks minimum to vet spirits. That said, please allow us this wait time when binding your companion. For more information about our practices, please check our FAQ! Alternatively, if you still have questions or concerns, Contact Us via email and we will answer any questions you have as quickly as possible.

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