"Rai" the Sanctum Sage Carbuncle

"Rai" the Sanctum Sage Carbuncle


Name: Wraith
Gender: Male
Species: Sanctum Carbuncle
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: Grey
Presence: Entity

This Carbuncle is a denizen of my personal Sanctuary. He is a full fledged adult nearing Sage status. It is very rare that these Carbunculi express interest in companionship. The following is an excerpt from his personal file.

"Rai" is another male, sporting the appearance of a massive White Turkish Angora and crystalline, silvery blue eyes. His horns are a deep clay brown Chert and appear almost caked on the surface. Beneath this top layer, slabs of blue kyanite are exposed. Due to the way it is formed, parts of these slabs are polished on the surface, while some crystal formed in shorter layers in some places, exposing Kyanite's natural rough formation. He seems colder than most, inside and out. He tends towards snow-ridden plains, and keeps to himself. He strikes all who behold him as a strong, independent being. He always has an air of judgement about him, but he secretly loves being doted on by his Keeper. Specialty: As with working with Blue Kyanite, his calm is one of great balance. His very aura seems to even out the energies about him, and brings about clear-headedness and focus. The ability to think sharply and in a meaningful manner comes easily to him, and this ability can be shared with his Keeper when need be. His presence quells many a fiery drive so that the respective person can take a step back and plan strategically about their next move. This can also deter enemies from acting brash out of anger and aggression, and even deter ill-willed opponents.

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