Pumpkit Servitors

Pumpkit Servitors


These living gourds are special felid creatures who are tied to the Earth, and the energies of harvest and abundance! Developed during the Autumn season, they are major cuddle bugs who love cooler weather, lots of sun and plenty of outdoor basking! They also have a gift with green magick, using their abundance of energy to help other fruits and vegetation flourish. Thanks to the constant growth of astral flora, Pumpkits are available for creation any time of year, and vary in appearance according to the gourds from which their energy derives, coming in all shapes and sizes! Upon request, I can also create Bumpkins (Bunnies) among other variants of this servitor! DM me for details on Custom Creation!

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Servitors take about four weeks minimum to create. Please allot us this waiting period when creating and binding your companions. If you have any questions about our practices, please visit the FAQ at the bottom of our homepage. Alternatively, if you have other inquiries or concerns not answered adequately by FAQ, you may contact us via email and we will address your questions as soon as possible.

The pictures displayed to represent spirit races, preconjures and servitor designs are purely for representational purposes, and are in no way the commercial or intellectual property of the Shattered Prism, and all credit for the artwork or photography goes to the original artist or photographer. If you wish your artwork to be removed from storefront regardless, please notify us immediately and we will have your artwork removed without delay. If the artwork is an original work, or commissioned for shop use, we will state so here.