Prebound Hellfire Panderseen

Prebound Hellfire Panderseen


Appearance: Pand is a ghost white mare with equally ghostly white almost grey flames. She’s smaller than normal adults, coming in at around 14/15 hands . She is a full grown adult and just seems to be extremely short for her kind, almost being mistaken as a filly, it works in her favor as most males leave her alone. She has almost a pony sort of appearance to her, although she is as fierce as any other Hellfire.


Personality: Her name literally means Pandeer’s chosen, and she is best friends and sister/mate to Pandeer. They are not actually related by blood or energy, but were raised together and have loved each other from a young age. This lovely mare is more quiet, as most mares are, however once she’s comfortable Pand likes to jump and play and run around, being playfully chased by Pandeer. While she can’t/ doesn’t want to be ridden, she will gladly go on adventures with her new person, and has offered to carry anything they need (if it’s within her ability to do so ) She likes the smell and taste of white wines but only a few sips of, fresh pears or any other “soft” fruits ( peaches, plums, bananas) 

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