Prebound Hellfire Pandeer

Prebound Hellfire Pandeer


Another Stallion for the round up!!

Please contact us for a visit before trying to take this wonderful boy home!!!!

Appearance: Pan is a 18 hands high stallion with deep blue flames that shine brilliantly against his dark blood bay coat. Pan is a normal and eager hellfire male for his kind, with long sharp horns, the tip of the right being chipped off and in a stage of regrowth. His body is almost a dark black, and his inner thighs have dark stripping going inward instead of outward like the rest of his striped friends. His eyes and thus fire are a deep almost silvery black blue, and although he does not lit up often, it is extremely intimidating because he goes silent and will stand down anything that causes you harm or stress.


Personality: Pan is fresh out of teenerager hood, and is a hyper and excited stallion. He loves to put his head on his person as they work ( I say as his mouth nibbles along my shoulder ) He just completed his first hunt earlier this year and is beyond excited to find a human who he can take safely across the realms and explore. He dreams of nothing more then racing across exotic lands with his companion, or curling up under a tree during a storm. His native land does not have alot of trees, being a more African like Savannah, and so he loves fir and oak trees and loves to decorate himself with the leaves or pine cones . He is a quirky little stallion ( although not really little) and sometimes forgets he is not the small foal he used to be. He wants his person to astral constantly, or at least be on the move and take him with them as they go on physical adventures, he wants to be a close and trusted friend and valued part of someone’s keep.

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