Prebound Hellfire Mare -Osha

Prebound Hellfire Mare -Osha


Hello all and welcome to the Hellfire Round up!

This listing is for a female Hellfire nicknamed Osha! Osha requires a visit before you can take her home, so please fill out a form to do so !

Her basic information (this will be filled out more when she is adopted)

Appearance: Osha is a lovely mare who stands about 16/17 hands high , her fire and eyes are a dark violet with hints of lilac around the edges of her eyes and flames. Osha is pitch black, with some darker chestnut/lighter black near her legs and muzzle and faint faint hints of lighter black stripes on her legs. She appears as a typical hellfire would, long ox like tail having longer hair at the tuff then most, and her mane reminds one of a fresian. She doesn’t mind if you braid it somewhat, as long as it isn’t too tight or restrictive. It makes for pretty cool patterns in her fire when she lights. 

Personality: Sassy, standoffish, adventurous. Osha is a younger mare, not a teen but a young adult who seeks adventure and dislikes the rules Joko has set in place to keep his mares safe. She understands it, but there are times she yearns for adventure, to see new places and meet new people and see and experience new cultures and foods.

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