Prebound Hellfire "Cheers"

Prebound Hellfire "Cheers"


Please contact us for a visit before trying to take this wonderful Hellfire home!!!!

Appearance: This male is about 14 hands high, shorter than most adults, but just as potent a mount and companion. His fire is a light almost rose quartz pinkish white, and he is a bright clean chestnut male with dark stockings near his hooves. His eyes are bright pink with whitish rims. His left horn has a band around the tip of the horn.

His nickname is Cheers, but he would love if those who are interested in him present a name for him to pick from <3 Although he does like Cheers, and he will not mind being called that even after he goes and finds his person, he wants to have a special name just from his human.


Personality: Quiet, reserved and shy, it seems that most of the males who bare pink flames would rather be quiet and on the sidelines then directly in the spotlight. He is still protective and will charge into battle for his person, but a lot more would have to be done to make him set alight. He likes to nibble on flower petals, travel near rivers and soft streams, and the quiet places of the astral. He’s one of the quickest fastest “little” stallions I’ve ever seen.

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