Otogryph Custom Conjure

Otogryph Custom Conjure


Otogryphs are some of the most common and diverse inhabitants of their realm. They feature the hindquarters of a feline, and the forefront of an owl. The size of the breed of owl they resemble seems to influence feline type and size (for instance, those that resemble Screech Owls tend to grow no larger than a house cat, while those resembling Great Horned Owls are more than strong enough to carry riders). Otogryphs are immensely wise, observing many realms outside their own while sending out scouts to explore. Their area of expertise is in creating ties to different worlds they feel they can observe and even return to safely. They do this through "The World Tree" which they believe connects the entire universe. (I did mention that we had a belief system that mirrored this, to which I was told that there is not one world tree, but many which reach out and connect with ethereal roots and branches, therefore passing information along to one another). They have many varying personalities, but all serve as a part of a Hierarchy which functions to not only protect their realm from astral threats, but help other realms as well. They believe everything is interconnected, and the fall of one world could tear down the balance of many surrounding it. Many Otogryphs are more than willing to bring their companion into their realm fro astral adventures, or even guide you through other worlds if you let them!

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