Prebound Hellfire Banshee

Prebound Hellfire Banshee


Please contact us for a visit before trying to take this wonderful Hellfire home!!!!

Appearance: This boy is one of my favorites, seventeen hands high gorgeous almost pure ethereal blue/grey roan stallion with appaloosa markings. He’s really the first near white stallion I have seen, and his almost misty grey/white coat only makes his energy of a foggy day near the shore even more apparent.  Even his horns are grayish white. His flames are always lit and he’s eerily silent when he walks. 


Personality: I have nicknamed this boy Banshee, as his neighs are not the typical horse noises, nor the combination of soft coos that Hellfires are known for, but sharp shrills. Not screams but high pitched rings. Both intimidating and beautiful, especially when he is playing with other stallions and mares out in the fields. He dances and prances ahead of the others, not breaking a sweat as he races ahead and then just seems to disappear when he gets tired into the grasses. He’s a love bug, but has a terrible habit of sneaking up on people, tugging on their right shirt sleeve and making them jump out of their skin when they turn around and see him standing there begging for pets.

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