Minaga Custom Conjures

Minaga Custom Conjures


Minaga are small hybrids of snake and human. Their bottom halves are roughly the size and length of a cornsnake or gartersnake, and their upper human halves are usually no longer than your middle finger. They are often loners, thought some may stick to small family "clans" to support each other. They live by rocky, slow - moving riverbanks and hunt for small fish. Not inherently magick workers, their lives revolve around basic survival. However, there is a unique warmth to their personalities, and many of them maybe fast friends (at least, once they realize you aren't a threat!). While their lives are constantly in a fight for survival against predators among other variables, they miraculously have not allowed those trials to harden their hearts. Typically, Brux Fae and Pontigryphs become edgy around the Minaga, mostly due to the fact that when food is in short supply, they are sometimes forced to target the little gryphons out of desperation. While this isn't always the case, the fae have a superstition about them that advises against turning your back to the reeds for fear that the Minaga would lash out from the shadows.

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