Name: Miika
Gender: Female
Race: Selachii
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: Grey Arts
Presence: Entity Race

About: Miika is among the very first Selachii I ever encountered, and is among the most docile. She is a beautiful grey Selachii which resembles a nurse shark, and is about 4.5' long from tip to tip, though she is extremely short at roughly 1' it height. She has stubby legs in place of her usual fins.

She is a gentle beast, curiously drifting by creatures she finds interesting. She will nudge and touch her mouth to people's feet or odd objects to check them out, but has never used her teeth this way. She loves being stroked on the top of her head and swimming with her companion, often curling around them if they sit still long enough. She doesn't wander towards land much, but when she does its beautifully awkward, as her tiny legs make walking an adorable sight. She loves quiet company and will chill out with just about anybody who will spend the time to simply wash their worries away. While she doesn't specialize in any magick, she is a perfect companion for someone who is in love with the sea and desires a soothing yet at times mildly thrilling presence in their midst.

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