Lorrohl the Nyctegryph

Lorrohl the Nyctegryph


Race: Nyctegryph
Name: Lorrohl
Gender: Male
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: Grey
Presence: Entity

Lorrohl is a rather large yet delicately built gryph with a grey, rodent-like hindside, and the frontal appearance of a solid black bat with a flat pointed nose. He walks using his wings as front legs. His ears are large, and constantly swivel back and forth, while his eyes are round and jet black.

Lorrohl is fascinated by the moon and stars, captivated by subtle, dazzling light. He also loves chasing fireflies and the lights of fae who attempt desperately to keep his play away from their homes at night. He is highly social, and quickly becomes anxious when alone. Though high strung and nervous, he means well, and is an open book for whomever he meets. More than anything, he wants a friend. In fact, he wants a lot of friends! The bigger the family, the better! Though he stresses that not having a lot of companions doesn't make him less pulled to anyone. He wants to give everyone an equal opportunity, as he feels everyone had something wonderful to bring to companionship in their own unique way. Wherever he goes, he simply wants to be involved and loved

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