Karina the Spriggan Nomad

Karina the Spriggan Nomad


Name: Karina
Gender: Female
Race: Spriggan
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: Grey
Presence: Entity

Karina is a beautiful spirit, standing at 5'8". She is a shapely figure with a thicker build, and has smooth grey bark for skin, with splotches of green-white lichen all over her. From her branch-like hair, maple leaves begin to sprout and grow, and these branches also extend from her back, neck and shoulders. She is a graceful being, giving the impression that she must have been born with the spirit of an actress of some kind. She is calm, patient and observant, but also kind and gentle. Her tree is quite young, growing within the green of a small town near a convenience store.

She nurtures and protects her little maple as much as she can, though. Because of her fondness to maple trees, she loves syrup and sugary treats. She never considered having a companion before vetting, and is excited to help her new companion learn about the magickal uses of herbs, and how to truly "speak" to the trees in a way that you can hear their wisdom in turn.

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