Tsinnm the Bogwing Wyvern

Tsinnm the Bogwing Wyvern


Name: Tsinnm (Sin)
Gender: Female
Race: Bogwing Wyvern
Class: Corundum Sapphire
Spectrum: Dark
Presence: Entity

Tsinnm is an eerie beauty in the swamps of Louisiana. Her skin is thin and grey, while her crest and back are lined with moveable spines. Her head, like all Bogwings, are flat with large bottom jaws, and her eyes are a piercing gold.

She is equal parts ferocious and soothing. While all Bogwings are predators at heart, this one's curiosity has gotten the best of her. Hiding from sight using expert-level invisibility glamours, she observed humans and felt their emotions using complex empathy. While much of human concepts are beyond her, she grasped the idea of spiritual companionship and has resolved to join in on the action. Her kind see strength and ability as fundamental for life, so she presents herself as useful in with wards and overall "bodyguard" work. She can hide exceedingly well, and make herself known only when she chooses to, while manipulating the energy about her to appear to be eerily calm or absolutely terrifying. She is very intelligent, attentive and almost over eager to find a companion and learn more about worlds beyond her territory.

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