Name: Gyriel
Gender: Female
Race: Nyctegryph
Class: Corundum Ruby
Spectrum: Grey
Presence: Entity

Gyriel is the size of a small horse, but larger enough to ride. She is skinny and elegant, not to mention pure white all over her body. Her skin has a grey-yellow tint, and her ears are larger than the reference lets on. Like all Nyctegryphs, she has the forefront of a bat and a ratty hindside.

Gyriel is a very reserved individual most of the time with a classy and elegant air to her presence. She thoroughly enjoys the company of others, and loves how unique she is compared to other members of her race (white ones are rare). She sees differences as gem - quality uniqueness, and boosts the confidence of those she spends time with by reminding them of every fortune and blessing. She wishes to be the star in someone's eye when they feel that spark of confidence

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