Hogwarts Add ons

Hogwarts Add ons

from 10.00

This is the listing for the many add ons to a Hogwarts castle/grounds! Please order this when initially ordering a Castle, as it is slightly more difficult and even more energy and time consuming to create and tweak the energies of a established realm.


  • Two Temple Guardians: These are special servitors I created to guard physical and non physical sacred spaces, if you choose, I will create a set of guardians for your room of requirement and Headmasters office. These will go for a much higher cost after the event ( +20 to the listing) Limit of one per castle.

  • Additional locations in the Castle : Depending on the complexity and detail This can be anything for spaces for companions with special needs, to really anything you can dream of. $25

  • Additional Portal Crystals - Again depending on the place, of which I need a sample energy source from and basic description,$10 per crystal. There is no limit to these .

  • Another creature from the HP Universe: Threshals, Merms, Hippogriffs, winged horses unicorns ect. If it is from the Hp Universe you are allowed to add it ( $15 per creature) 

  • Piertotum Locomotor: Oh yes that’s right. In addition to your very own guard creature, I will spell the statues all around the place to come to life in the case of anyone trying to assault you in your realm. This will also wake the Whomping Willow into a powerful moving Ent, the only way to which kill it is to kill the Heart of the Castle, which I will not disclose how to do so here or to anyone. $25

  • Your Own Houses: Does the traditional houses or those of the american school not suit you? Have you had the time and creativity to make your own ? If so they I will gladly change the decor and such things to fit your houses, providing you give me the accurate details and some artistic representations of the animals you wish to make your houses. ( $50-100 depending on amount of change and programming needed)

    • This comes with the added perk of your own sorting hat, which I will program to help you fit spirits who come into your family/life into one of your houses if they so choose. Again I will of course need to know what attributes surround the lore of your houses, and will help you if need be. #Ravenclaw

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