Energy Bloom

Energy Bloom

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These displays of color and pattern are enchanted with a special spell and imbued with energy from full moons and rare celestial events. The image is simple by design, for it is the magick behind it that makes this listing truly shine! The energy put into these blooms acts as a seed. It builds upon itself more and more over time. The more you touch, look at or even think about the image, the more you feed it so the energy literally blooms! The more attention you give, the more it gives back! This bloom, for example, is imbued with the energy from the Super Blue Blood Moon, full of intense and glorious energies! The intent behind it is to promote growth, prosperity, communication and positive energy to the shop!

• Blooms made with Solar/Lunar energy are $10 each.
• Special Celestial Events, such as Super Moons, Seasons and Equinoxes are $15.
• Exceedingly Rare Events such passing comets and the Super Blue Blood Moon, Total Lunar/Solar Eclipses and passing Comets will cost $25 to charge the bloom with.

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