Blechk'nier'e (Dark One) Custom Conjures

Blechk'nier'e (Dark One) Custom Conjures


The Dark Ones are a divergent race from Betr'e, which in English I will fully translate their name into the more easily understood "Niera" (NEAR-uh) which is also understood as the Betr'e-to-English term for "New Era." They are more slender, smaller, and their legs are more spindly. Their snouts are flat at the end, turned upwards to a fine point like a bat. They have four piercing eyes, gem like in color, and each of their ten legs can separate into two, each with three fingers (because of this each front ended leg has two opposable thumbs). Their horns are thicker in proportion, shorter and straight. Their scales are always black, but may shimmer the color of their eyes. They are skilled in illusion magick. Their energy is thick, as they are one with the earth. Many of them are either master architects or skilled enchanters. Many even become unrivaled smiths, creating almost alien weapons, armor, jewellery, etc. Jewellery is the most sought after as (unlike in our world where they are mostly decorative) these pieces are heavily imbued with powerful magick, without exception.

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