Darian the Dryad

Darian the Dryad


Name: Darian
Gender: Male
Race: Dryad
Class: Quartz
Spectrum: White-Grey Cusp
Presence: Entity

Appearance: Darian takes the form of a small, dainty man with extremely fair skin and blonde hair. His eyes are a very light, pale green, and in the spring and summer, small clusters of white flowers hang from his hair. He also has a light floral scent that follows him

Description: He is strongly attached to a "Ligustrum" tree which produces fragrant blooms this time of year. He is a quiet, gentle soul who honestly loves the insects who visit his tree in the summer. From bees to ants and butterflies, he finds love for them all, and even catches up on their lives by speaking to them! He is equal parts nervous and excited about companionship, as he is normally reserved and keeps to himself. At the same time though, he hopes his new companion loves and accepts him for all of his little quirks

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