Color Wheel Respins

Color Wheel Respins


This listing is for Respins in the case that the results from your color wheel are not to your liking. One purchase is equivalent to one respin on one wheel.

Welcome to Pride Month, ladies and gents! This event is very near and dear to our hearts, as each of the owners is a member of the LGBTQ community. To support and celebrate spirits across the realms who face similar challenges expressing themselves (or perhaps those whose race ascends transphobic barriers which we struggle with in human society) we decided to have a very special sale!

Here we have the Color Wheel! So what is it, you ask? During the month of June, we have a fun game that we invite keepers to participate in! In recognition of Pride, we have prepared to conjure spirits who have different identities (tran, demi, nonbinary, male, female, etc) and sexualities (bi, lesbian, gay, questioning, etc). You can spin on one of these aspects, or all three! The results will be emailed to you before conjuring begins so you know what to expect! These conjures are, as the game implies, completely at random, so when buying a spin, be ready for whomever might come through!

Join us during this wonderful time of year! It isn’t just a time to be proud of being different after all! It’s more than simply how you identify. It’s a month dedicated to the power of embracing yourself and protecting your right to express yourself no matter who you are. To respect others and be respected in turn without changing yourself in the process. This is a month dedicated to happiness, self love and peace. It is our hope that throughout this month we can contribute to those ideals through our bindings and with our spiritual company.

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