RESERVED Clue the HellFire DreadNaught Stallion

RESERVED Clue the HellFire DreadNaught Stallion


Race: Hellfire DreadNaught Stallion
Name: -Has none- Nickname is Clue
Gender: Male
Class: Diamond
Spectrum: Dark
Presence: Entity

“There is someone here with a broken heart, I intend to heal it .Look no further little mortal, I have felt your heart across the stars. It is broken, but I am here to keep you safe, you may mend yourself with me as your Guard. Come bring me Home with you”

Appearance: Clue is a huge stallion, about 17-19 maybe even 20 hands high, his appearance seems to shift the closer you get to him. His horns are massive and chipped, and sharply pointed forward unlike other Hellfires I’ve seen before were they follow the simple sideways S shape with the horn toward the flank. His pelt is pitch black with a few greying hairs along his chest, which is the only way I could tell he had massive sideways scars , like some large bird or clawed being nearly tore him apart. The scar doesn’t appear to be deep, but it’s raised enough it can easily be felt along his strong chest. His eyes are a deep magenta, almost fuschia color . When he lights, his flame is near a hot pink, but is darker and close to the color of his eyes, he also appears to have a thin line of hair in between the scales of his back, long enough that they too carry the enzyme that alights, so not only does his tail and mane catch flame, but the thin line of hair down his back to his flank does as well.

Personality: Clue is somewhat reserved, and only really wants to open up to his companion. His energy is very wall like here when I try to gently poke and prod. He is not budging on this, however he will admit he is a sweet stallion, and although he has been in many fights it is only to protect those he loves and cares about. He says he was originally off put to the idea of finding a human, until his son did, and now he knows his heart is beating in tune with a human on this plane. He is not seeking a romantic relationship, but he cares deeply for someone here.

The way I bind most if not all Hellfires is a distance bind , with their keeper providing a vessel that matches the flames of their Hellfire as close as possible. I then take said Hellfire's energy ( with their consent) and cement it into the stone for them to follow like a beacon. They also have a servitor attached to them in case of emergencies/miscommunications and handling / and to act as a portal back home to their natural realm so they may hunt and socialize with their herd.

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