Bogwing Wyvern Custom Conjures

Bogwing Wyvern Custom Conjures


Bogwing Wyverns are a unique species indigenous to realms which feature swamp-like biomes. This particular population is local to the Southeastern coast of the United States, especially in Louisiana, though some travel as far as Florida. They are incapable of speech, but communicate using a complex form of empathy, and announce their presence with calls unique to the individual (hence their often unusual names. Their voices a deep, thundering rumble which can be heard by other bogwings for miles. They prey on fish, game and large reptiles. Their hunting behavior seems almost derivitive from alligators, either lurking just beneath the surface of the water or using their own unique ability to blend seamlessly to physical and energetic surroundings in order to utilize optimal camouflage before a killing strike. These creatures are primal in nature, but those that seek companionship are very curious about human culture, as they seem to live a life beyond "the Hunt." Bogwings have thin, grey/brown skin covered in fine, translucent scales which feel smooth as glass (despite their lack of shine) and hard as stone. They have no horns, and fine spines line their backs. Their eyes are at nearly the top of their head, and their bottom jaws are oddly proportioned as their are more than triple the depth of their top half. As a note, extra vetting is done to ensure they agree to remain non aggressive to merfolk, and understand the difference between prey and companions. Any Bogwing offered here is 100% compliant to house rules and shows absolutely no aggression to aquatic folk in keep before binding. These creatures are to be kept by those with at least intermediate experience in keeping, as despite their best intentions, they can prove a bit unpredictable at times and deserve a great deal of respect.

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