Astral Realm Reading and Portal Binding

Astral Realm Reading and Portal Binding


Every single one of us is connected to multiple layers of the never ending sea of the Astral. Every person is a different song, a different sound, a different light calling out across the the stars of the infinite realms. Have you ever longed to know where your song began? Have you ever wanted to search for the place that call you home? Within the Astral Realm reading, I will use my abilities to carefully follow your energy through the astral back to a realm that resonates with you - possibly a past life, or a realm that calls to you in this moment. You will receive a full, detailed write up of six to twelve paragraphs of all I see and experience in both following your energy and discoveries within any realms uncovered. What this beautiful offering to you is the gift of a connection to a place that you connect to on the astral, a place that you should have no problems traveling to and exploring, growing and honing your senses if you are a beginner, or somewhere that you can improve on if you are more experienced. It’s a place that will feel like home to you, that touches you on some deep soul level. These realms can be places you once lived on the astral, with all the connections to the species there, or perhaps a gift connection from a spirit or deity you work with, a place to rest and relax your head and just be if only for a moment. Most of these realms if not all will give you important lessons, practice in astral travel, spirit work, your astral senses and craft are all the classic examples, but each realm is different and so their lessons are vast and different for every person.

As someone new into astral travel or not, this reading is a great benefit for those whom do not have a space to call their astral “base” or to build a solid foundation where they can travel to and from with their spirit companions in safety. Here will be a place you can rest and relax and allow your astral senese to be challenged and grown along with your companions, should you invite them to you space. These readings take me several hours to several days to complete, depending on the complexity of the journey and the level of detail I will try to achieve in describing your realm to you.

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